UA-63655589-1 Review: Disney War Part 1

Tim, Vickie, and Nick break down the civil war that existed within the Walt Disney Company from the early 80's through the mid 90's. Based on a true story told by James Stewart, Disney War is an exposé of Michael Eisner's 20-year tenure as chairman and CEO at The Walt Disney Company. Don't forget to check out our friends over at and our all new Mousecapades Radio at playing the best mix of authentic Walt Disney World audio for your listening pleasure! Enjoy on-ride audio, background loops, firework shows, parades, Resort TV audio and more that you can hear at Walt Disney World right now and from trips of the past! Thinking about being a guest on our show, or have a question or comment? Contact us anytime at or via text at 407-674-0414. Have a magical day!

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