UA-63655589-1 Episode 443 - Joined by a Star Wars Cast Member

On this special May the Fourth episode we are joined by winner of two Emmy Awards and Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens cast member, Ryan Wieber.  He is best known for his works on StarWars: The Force AwakensRobocopHeroes, and Identity Thief.  At the youngage of 19, he worked at the local Blockbuster, and as a hobby created shortfan films in his bedroom.  In 2003 Ryan co-createdthe popular short lightsaber duel film Ryan vs. Dorkman.  Overnight, Ryan’s lifec hanged when Lucasarts contacted him offering him the chance of a lifetime.

Mousecapades Podcast would like to give a very special thanks to Ryan and his family. As teachers we understand the importance of allowing someone to follow their heart and passion. We want to give a special shout out to Ryan’s parents. Without your support for Ryan he wouldn’t have gone on to accomplish and create the magic behind what the world loves so much!  

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