UA-63655589-1 Episode 416 - Behind the Secret Door (Replayed Episode from 10/16/15)

Who's behind the secret door? Join us as we welcome back some of our favorite guests in a guessing game with Dave. Dave will only get 3 yes or no questions to ask each surprise guest as he tries to figure out who he is talking to. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Each surprise guest will be disguising their voice to throw Dave off of his game. Listen and see if you a can guess who’s behind the secret door. Will your guess be better than Dave?! Follow us on all our social media accounts on Instagram at mousecapades_nick, Facebook at, and on Twitter at @Mousecapadespod. Don't forget to check out our friends over at and sign up for their newsletter and free vacation quote. Just let them know you heard about them from the Mousecapades Podcast. Are you thinking about being a guest on our show, or have a question or comment? Contact us anytime at or via text at 407-674-0414. Have a magical day! 

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